Prep for Quarter 4 with these Marketing News, Updates & Trends

Hi Small Biz Owners! We are bringing you your mid-year update on the latest marketing trends and industry updates. In this blog post, we'll discuss some exciting developments and industry insights to help you shift your marketing strategies and conquer Quarter 4 with confidence.


Threads: The New Meta PlatformΒ 

The social media universe is always buzzing with new platforms, and the latest platform that has been gaining a lot of attention is the Meta platform - Threads. This innovative platform combines the best of Twitter and Instagram to connect communities, ideas, and creators on a solid foundation.

For brands, this is a great opportunity to build deeper connections with their audiences by joining or creating communities that align with their values. This app allows for small busines owners like you to participate in discussions, share insights, and collaborate with creators within these communities to boost brand visibility and credibility.Β 

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Instagram's Music Feature: In its Myspace Era

Remember the good old Myspace days, when you could customize your profile with your favorite songs? Well, Instagram has brought back a touch of nostalgia with its new music feature, allowing users to add music to their static feed posts. This opens the door for brands to elevate their content by adding a touch of personality.

When using this feature, brands can choose tracks that resonate with their brand identity and content. Whether it's adding trending tracks for product promotions or using royalty-free melodies, incorporating music can enhance engagement and create a memorable experience for your audience.

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Wellness & Sleep Focus: The New Buzz

With the growing attention around burnout and mental health, sleep is becoming a focal point in the wellness sector. Sleep tourism is on the rise, and companies are embracing the travel movement that promotes rest and rejuvenation. For brands in the wellness industry or those selling products in this space, this presents an opportunity to tap into the growing demand for sleep aids and solutions.

Strategize how you can create marketing campaigns with your brand that coincide with the restorative benefits of your products or services. Collaborate with sleep experts or influencers who can vouch for the effectiveness of your offerings. By aligning your brand with the pursuit of better sleep and rest, you can attract a strong audience seeking to improve their well-being.

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Facebook & Instagram Ads: Driving Revenue and Brand Awareness

Over time social media ads have become a reliable marketing strategy. Heading into Quarter 4 and the holiday season, social media ads are an essential tool when promoting your brand.

Facebook and Instagram ads continue to be popular platforms to expand audience reach, widen brand awareness, and drive revenue through lead generation.

This upcoming season be sure to take advantage of both these platforms to ensure your ads reach your target audience. Plan to create engaging content and promote exclusive offers this holiday season to create excitement amongst your audience. Keep a look out for more information on how you can prepare with our ultimate checklist!

Now that you’ve got your ad campaigns planned, drive clicks with stunning photo and video content!

Elevate Your Q4 Success!Β 

Staying on top of the latest marketing updates and industry trends is crucial for brands looking to increase growth during Q4. Staying connected to the latest marketing trends and industry updates presents exciting avenues to engage your audience and differentiate your brand.

Running social media ads on Facebook and Instagram will enable you to maximize your reach and generate revenue during the busiest quarter of the year. By incorporating these strategies into your brand's marketing, you'll be fully equipped to conquer Quarter 4 and have a more engaging relationship with your audience.

This is your friendly reminder that success is all about being open to shifts in trends and updates. So, get creative, and let your brand thrive as you continue to experience the ever-changing marketing world. We're here to help you navigate these trends and create impactful campaigns for your brand. Reach out to us to explore how we can collaborate and take your marketing to the next level!


Post Date: 8/15/23