12 Product Photography Tools You Should Definitely be Using

Purchasing photography equipment can be easily overwhelming.

Purchasing photography equipment can be easily overwhelming. There is a lot of information out there with differing positions. In order to figure out what you need first assess your goal and current resources. Are you shooting somewhere with a lot of natural light? Do you have a step stool in the garage that you can use? Once you evaluate what you have, you can start to chip away at purchasing the equipment that is best going to support you.


You can prioritize equipment through these categories. 

  • Camera / Lens

  • Lighting 

  • Background 

  • Additional accessories


If you have an e-commerce store or sell any type of product, then you have definitely used product photography. If you are not a business owner, you have definitely taken advantage of the benefits of product photography. 

Product photography is everywhere. If you have purchased something online, then you have seen product photography.


Here are 12 tools to elevate your product photography game!


Helps bounce light to the image and diffuse harsh shadows. Whiteboards are a great and inexpensive way to showcase your photography skill set by limiting shadows within the picture. These are a great way to naturally illuminate your photos without expensive lighting equipment.


2. Apple Box 

No matter how tall you are, an apple box is needed to capture the perfect angle! These are durable foundations that elevate your height without taking up too much space. An apple box is perfect for capturing an overhead shot. Another option that will provide a similar effect is a step stool. 

3.Acrylic Shapes 

Acrylic shapes are great for adding dimension and elevation to products. They also create hierarchy within the image. These can also help guide the viewer’s eyes in establishing focal and complimentary points based off of placement of elevation. 



4.Glass Sheet 

This is another inexpensive tool that can be found at your local hardware store. Glass sheets are perfect for creating swatches using beauty or skincare products.



How many times have you caught the perfect angle but haven’t been able to keep the items from rolling around, so you got annoying shadows and off-angled shots? Putty is perfect for arabesque product angles. It limits movement and keeps products from moving around. This is especially helpful for anyone shooting product photography.



C-Stands are a must! They allow more flexibility with lighting. Maybe grip arms you were referring to c-stands

7.Light tent 

A light tent is your best friend when you have too many reflections in one shot. This eliminates reflections when you are taking pictures of objects similar to the cyclorama creates an illusion of a full studio. This tool is ideal for shooting small products. 


8.Tethering Cable

Tethering cables  allow you to shoot and immediately see your image on your computer or iPad. This enlarges details that sometimes are missed on the camera display. Having a tethering cable allows for the tiny details to be caught and edited to perfection!




A modifier is an umbrella that really diffuses lighting and disperses it further out. This umbrella of safety creates less harsh shadows and which ultimately allows products to be seen in their true colors. Great for Ecomm shots.


10.Grip Arms 

These will be your best friend when trying to capture the perfect shot at a weird angle. Grip arms are great for hanging light in unique and awkward settings or to shine light on a very specific aspect. They allow you to connect different light sources and 

11. Versatile lenses: 

Versatile lenses are a must for any shoot. You always will have an idea of how you want to shoot things, but nothing will be finalized until you are actually in the studio capturing the shot. Our fave lens are the 24mm-70mm or macro lens for those crisp details shots.


12. Background papers

Background papers are literal game-changers when it comes to product photography. They are an inexpensive option that allows you to change the backdrop of a photo without having to switch locations. The color options are endless!

Don’t forget: You do not need super expensive equipment to get a nice shot.

Always remember, everyone started from the beginning at some point in their career with a limited amount of knowledge and resources. What’s most important is that you are taking the time and resources needed to invest in your craft. As you get more comfortable with shooting, you will see the areas that come naturally to you versus the ones you need more support in. For instance, maybe you’re really great at framing projects so putty or acrylic shapes aren’t needed. Or maybe you’re great at creating fun backgrounds so you don’t need background papers as much. Whatever it is, you will know as you find your groove. Your process is your own, so the tools you use will be unique to you. 

Happy shooting!