Rebrand or Refresh?

Is your business going steady, but you still are feeling the need for something fresh?

A rebrand/refresh may be the perfect kickstarter your brand needs to take things to the next level. Rebrands and refreshes are so amazing because they are a literal restart to your business without having to fully reset. They allow you to pivot without fully deconstructing all the hard work and investment you’ve already poured into your current branding.

But how do you know when it’s time to switch things up?

Before we get into rebranding or refreshing your company, you first need to decide if there’s any change needed at all.


Here are some key questions to ask yourself when considering a rebrand/refresh. 

  • Does my current branding reflect my brand’s current goals?

  • Is my branding accomplishing its initial purpose (conversions, scaling, brand awareness, etc.) 

  • What were your initial goals when choosing your current branding?

    •  Is it something that had a lot of thought and intention put into it? Did your branding succeed in accomplishing your current goals? 

  • Do I like what I see when I see my branding?

    • This is a simple but extremely critical part of your branding. You can have the greatest branding ever but if you don’t personally connect with it, you are always going to be limited in your success. Your brand should be something you’re proud of and a true reflection of you. If it’s not, then it may be time to take a second look at things. 

  • What are things you experienced in your current branding that you would like to see changed in your new branding?

  • Are these changes that I can accomplish on my own or do I need a professional involved?

The answer to your last question will help you decide the next big question rebrand or refresh? 

So what’s the difference? 

A rebrand is a full system overload. Everything from your colors to the logo is bound to be changed if you are doing a full rebrand. Think of a rebrand as your company’s ultimate makeover. 

A refresh is more of a cosmetic upgrade, like switching up your beauty routine. You keep some of your staples like your face wash and your microfiber towel, but it may be time to try out a new serum or hyaluronic acid. :) The core remains the same. 


Glamify Me Brand Refresh Before

Glamify Me Brand Refresh Before


Glamify Me Brand Refresh After

Glamify Me Brand Refresh After


Ways you can refresh without needing to rebrand: 

Fresh photography if you are a products based business, new product photography is a great way to upgrade your content without having to do a full rebrand and you can incorporate these images in everything from your website to social media and email marketing. 

Another option for a brand refresh is to update your color palette, website graphics or copywriting on your site. Sometimes a new splash of color and graphics are just the upgrade you need to make a big difference without breaking the bank. 

Rebrands are a great opportunity when you are looking to pivot your company or change your company's name. Maybe you are shifting your business goals, bringing on new products or targeting a different persona. Rebrands allow for a fresh new start. Think of it like when you get a new haircut. New cut and color = equals a whole new me!



How long will a rebrand/refresh take? 

Every company is different but you can expect a rebrand to take a minimum of 6 months. 

  • Preparation and brainstorming 1-3 months 

  • Implementation — this is where you are testing out the new colors, web designs, etc. A lot of back and forth takes place during this time and it can become quite tedious. (2-4 months) 

  • Transitional period — this is where you are introducing your current audience to your new branding. This should be carefully thought out as you do not want your current audience getting lost in the midst of the changes and not recognizing who this new branding is. (1-2 months) 


A refresh is much simpler and can take anywhere from 1-3 months depending on how widespread the changes you are implementing are. 


If you are a creative entrepreneur like us, then you probably obsess over the details (hello font snobs!) and have a rebrand every 2 years 😂


What are the signs I need a rebrand?

  • You aren’t attracting the right buyers/audience/clients

  • The brand doesn’t stand out among your competitors

  • Honey, your website is looking outdated and doesn’t reflect the vision

  • You are planning to carry new products or shifting your business plans/goals

  • You have officially gone through a merger or acquisition (YASSS!)



Did you know that we are rebranding? 

In early 2021, Denitza Digital will become Ouu I Love. We will still be the same great product photographers and brand designers but we are ready to take care of all your product marketing needs, but now just with an updated name and branding that better reflects our passion and love for what we do! When you see every shot we take of your products, you should be saying “Ouu I Love.”

It’s the standard of obsession we’re striving for.. You’ve put too much into your brand not to love it and have others love it too!

This is an exciting time and we invite you along the journey as we transition from Dentiza Digital to Ouu I Love!