5 Tools for Videography that We Can't Live Without

Video content is the new it-girl. 


It’s been trending for years, but now it’s finally coming into its own and showing off all its charms. She’s got a lot of personality, she knows how to deliver a punch line and she goes out of her way to entertain—just like the video content that’s being created today. Not just any video content, short form video content. Gone are the days of Youtube style videos in favor of 30 second-or-less clips. 

Now, why as a business owner or content creator should you even consider investing into video content for 2023? One thing to consider is that by default, video content is more engaging. Think about it, when you look at a photo your mind takes about 3 seconds to process it and then you move on. With short form video your brain actually takes the time to engage with what is on screen, which means you have more time to capture your audience’s attention..


Video is the top favored content in most social media algorithms. It's not just Youtube and TikTok that are making a killing off of video. Social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest have jumped on the video band-wagon. Why? They understand video content increases engagement and promotes humanized content. Video is easily digestible and is the simplest way to feel connected to a brand. In short, if you’re notcapturing mini commercials like the famous Keegan Evans, you are missing a vital marketing opportunity


In 2023, the social media video trends we will see continue to rise  are authenticity, videos that capture and share the details is a short period, and platform specific content. These aspects for short form video have been slowly building up in the past few years and will definitely hit a peak within this year. Consumers aren’t looking for anything too long, drawn out or unengaging. They are looking for real products, real results, and content that is specifically made for specific social platforms. 


This is why investing into video shouldn’t just be a “once in a while” thing. You can get so much more engagement (and in turn customers) just by creating short form videos that will stick in your consumer’s minds. This doesn’t have to be a scary transition! Creating beautiful video content might be different than taking photos, but it sure doesn’t have to be difficult.



Here are 5 tools that we believe will instantly elevate your product videos and help you reach that next level with your content!


A Turntable:

Who knew something so simple could make such a difference? A turntable does exactly what the name implies, it is a machine that will spin anything you put on top of it in a circle. It was one of the first tools that we ever bought to make our videos look more professional, and it has definitely paid off! It is a super helpful tool that adds some dynamic movement to your otherwise simple shots.

Here is one that is great to start with Amazon!

LED Light Wands:

A light wand is (very literally) a stick of light that can be used to create unique lighting effects in photos and videos. You can get versions that come with several different lighting and color options, and they work great for creating unique lighting effects in a pinch! Not only can they light your scenes different colors, but they can give simple static shots a ton of movement.

Here is an example of one from Amazon!

Assorted Brushes:

Brushes are a fantastic tool that can make your life while editing videos A LOT easier! When we say brushes, think makeup or paint brushes. Unlike in photoshop where you can easily remove dust particles or other small imperfections easily, in video you have to be conscious of every little detail. That is why having brushes on hand is so important! You can gently brush off your products to make sure that everything is dust and fingerprint free for your shoot.

Camera Slider:

Though a little bit more of an investment, a camera slider will make sure that every panning shot is extra smooth! A slider is commonly used in commercial video shoots to stabilize panning shots. If you aren’t very knowledgeable in video editing or just want flawless looking shots straight out of the camera, a slider would be perfect for you!


Assorted Colored Paper:

Alright, we know that this might be common knowledge, but hear us out! Just some simple colored paper (or if you’re a bit fancy, some seamless rolls) can do wonders for your videos. You can cover plain white boxes with it to change their color, make it into some quick and easy props, and so much more! You will be pressed to find a single person in the videography world that doesn’t have a million different colors, styles and textures of paper.



Like we said before, video content doesn’t have to be difficult!

This is coming from a creative team that only had photography experience until last October and learned the video basics in a couple weeks! Social media algorithms are constantly shifting, but we're guessing video is around for the long run. Get started on your video journey with these tools or slide into our inbox to learn how Ouu i love can create the video magic for you.