Client Spotlight: Matte Lashes

Let’s shine a spotlight on one of our client’s success stories!

We helped Matte Lashes, an ecommerce beauty brand, refresh its look and feel with Y2K-inspired branding, enhanced Shopify website design, CTA-driven banners, and engaging images. We’re excited to show you how we helped this small business achieve its goals and take its brand to the next level.

Small Biz, Big Goals

Matte Lashes came to us with big dreams for their business. The brand launched in 2019 as a lash-only cosmetics ecommerce store and has since branched out to include water-activated eye palettes, liquid eyeshadows, makeup accessories & more! With values of being cruelty-free, vegan, and Latina-owned, Matte Lashes’ main goals with working with us were brand growth, establishing credibility, and standing out in the makeup industry.

One of the major pain points that Matte Lashes was experiencing was inconsistency in its brand, as well as a lack of audience-driven creativity. As a Creative Marketing  Agency that offers full-service solutions, we were able to offer Matte Lashes bespoke copywriting, stunning images, and a new and exciting website design. We made sure to keep Matte Lashes’ target audience at top of mind when creating brand assets, messaging, and marketing campaigns.

Overcoming Obstacles

Our clients often greet us with problems they are having trouble resolving. Whether it be reducing overhead costs, elevated creative, engaging content, or ROI marketing strategies, at Ouu i love, we take pride in understanding each of our clients’ unique businesses and tailoring our services to fit their specific needs.

Matte Lashes was no different! The major pain points it was experiencing was... 

• Brand Consistency

Audience-Driven Creative

Finding an agency familiar with its niche

Never 100% satisfied with the images

Underwhelmed with the old website design 

We understand that finding an agency that is familiar with your niche can be tough. That’s why we recommend asking a few questions before partnering with an agency, such as:

Can they offer more than one service?

An agency that is full-service with an array of expertise can make sure from start to finish that your creative and marketing align with your brand identity, content pillars, and target audience. 

Can they tailor assets for my target audience?

It is crucial to keep your target audience at top of mind when creating any brand assets, messaging, or marketing campaigns. Brand owners may have their own preferences, but by keeping your target audience as the primary framework, this helps make sure your CTAs align with your customers wants, needs, and desires resulting in increased engagement and revenue-driving sales.

Does this agency understand my niche?

Often small businesses thrive by finding a select niche with an engaging customer base. When working with any agency, it is important they understand that niche and how to make assets that will work for it. If the agency doesn’t quite understand your audiences’ preferred tone, social platform, or price point, you may find yourself investing in an unsuccessful venture.

What am I looking for in my product photography and can they achieve it?

Not all photography agencies are equal! While you may get cheap images from large agencies, you often find that you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for more than just a basic product shot on a plain background in favor of graphics, custom props, and stunning imagery, make sure to view the agency’s portfolio and ask what their technical capabilities are.

Can they optimize my website design to be on-brand and exciting?

With most markets saturated with competition, it is important your website stands out. Whether creating a website from scratch or refreshing an existing one, it is crucial to see if the agency can add custom on-brand graphics and illustrations, app integrations for an optimized and user-friendly website, and personalized copywriting. 


Ouu i love to the rescue…

With Matte Lashes’ goals in mind, we were able to create a comprehensive new look for the brand that aligned with its inclusive and expressive customers. We started with updating Matte Lashes’ branding by delivering a comprehensive brand board and brand guidelines with a developed brand persona, seasonal color palettes, fonts, mood boards, and logo usage guidelines.


While this may sound simple, Branding is not just about pulling pretty colors--it’s about building your brand. Through a thoughtfully crafted brand persona, your business has a framework on how to best tell the story behind your products while a visual identity brings things to life through color, typography, and an overall mood that aligns with your target audience. 

Website Design

We then tackled refreshing Matte Lashes’ website design to match its new branding, which included custom graphic design, webpage setup and copywriting, social media integrations, a revamped collabs program, loyalty program, and SMS pop-up.

A beautiful, mobile-friendly, and optimized website is one of the most important features of any business. As Shopify Partners, our website design and setup expertise can help your small business increase its sales so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Photography & Graphic Design

To top it all off, we also executed engaging creative images with fun, custom graphics for Matte Lashes’ digital banners. 

By finding unique ways of showcasing your products, your small business is able to acheive visual storytelling that grabs attention and makes an emotional connection with your customers. One way to achieve this is by adding custom illustrations and unique designs to your photography to give an exciting element to your products.


With Gen Z-approved branding, upgraded Shopify website design, playful banners, and appealing images, Matte Lashes is now ready to showcase its best-selling products and increase add-to-cart clicks. 

We’re thrilled to have helped Matte Lashes achieve its goals, and we’re already planning our next project with them! If you want to see the creative magic that we made for Matte Lashes, head to our website to check it out or hear directly from the brand:

“​​Working with Ouu i love was simply amazing. I love that they provide different options and packages to work with your budget and guide you through the whole process. The team knew exactly what I was looking for when creating my new website and banners. I always had a difficult time finding an agency that was familiar with my niche and was never 100% satisfied with the photos or web design I had done in the past but I am beyond happy with my website now and I'm already planning my next project with Ouu i love!”