Unleashing Your Brand's Potential: How Being The Face of Your Brand Can Grow Your Business

Are you trying to improve your brand’s growth and social performance? 

At our creative marketing agency, we've experienced remarkable brand growth and social media analytics improvement over the past year by putting our founder front and center. In this article, we'll share our journey, successes, challenges, and provide valuable tips on finding the perfect balance between personal and professional when showcasing yourself as the face of your brand. 

Connecting with your Audience

One of the key strategies that led to our brand's growth was sharing our Founder's personal journey, including the wins and challenges. By opening up and being vulnerable, we created a relatable and personable connection with our followers. People want to connect with other humans, not just faceless businesses. By humanizing our agency, we have been able to become more intimate with our audience inviting them to join us on our brand journey in which we have been able to build more of a personal connection. We invite you to join the growing number of brands that see the invaluable benefits of taking audiences beyond the product or service and on a personal journey. Test this out with Founder features on your brand’s social media page, going on stories to speak on behind the scenes, celebrating milestones, and sharing relatable challenges

The Magic of Collaboration

Have you collabed? Through collaboration posts on Instagram, we have connected even deeper with our followers. Our highest engaging posts featured our Founder who has gotten the opportunity of collaborating with several amazing brands and clients allowing our audience to see the person behind the business and witness authentic interactions. These collaboration posts increased our reach, engagement, and ultimately, our brand's growth. Try this out for your business by planning collaboration posts with your brand account. Posts about milestones, behind the scenes on product development process, and speaking on what the business means to you are a few great ways to connect with your followers, while still being relevant to your brand’s marketing efforts. 

In addition, our Founder was featured on press and podcast platforms like El Effecto, Eva Guru, Voyage LA, and the Whittier Chamber of Commerce. Through our Founder's collaboration with the press and audio platforms, our business credibility has grown and allowed our Founder to position herself as a leader in the creative industry. These features not only increased our brand's reputation but also engaged new followers who were interested to learn from our experiences. Press features are a great way to increase your brand reach and get your business out there and allows for viewers to meet the person behind the products or services they are buying. 


Build Trust

Build trust with your audience! In order to create a supportive network within our community we launched "Small Biz Talk," an Instagram live series hosted by our Founder. This monthly event gives our Founder the opportunity to connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs, providing a space to chat about common struggles and wins that are often faced by business owners. By introducing this Instagram live series, we are able to engage with other business owners and entrepreneurs establishing and building trust within our industry. 

2023 is all about the real time content! Hop onto an Instagram or TikTok live every so often to speak directly to your audience in a more transparent way. See the support for you, and ultimately your brand, grow in a more organic way.  

The Successes and Challenges of Being the Face of Your Brand:

Being the face of your brand comes with numerous benefits, but it's essential to navigate the fine line between being personable and professional. Deciding how much to keep private and personal can be challenging, as you want to be perceived in a way that resonates with your customers and clients. Here are some tips and tricks to find the perfect balance:

1. Define Your Brand Persona: Determine whether you want to present yourself as a more professional owner or a relatable and personable figure. Understanding your brand persona will guide your content creation and ensure consistency.

2. Become Relatable: While maintaining professionalism, selectively share personal stories that align with your brand's values and resonate with your audience. These stories help humanize your brand and build a deeper connection.

3. Celebrate Wins: Share your achievements and successes with your audience. It allows them to celebrate with you and reinforces your credibility as an expert in your field.

4. Be Authentic: Authenticity is key when sharing personal aspects of your life. Your audience appreciates genuine moments and will connect with you on a more personal level when they are given honesty and sincerity.

5. Respect Boundaries: While sharing personal moments, be mindful of your privacy and the privacy of others. Set clear boundaries and avoid oversharing sensitive information that may minimize your brand's professionalism.

How to Find Balance

Determining what is too professional and what is too personal can be subjective, but a good rule of thumb is to align your content with your brand's values and goals. Regularly evaluate your content strategy to ensure it represents the image you want to put out.

By being a spokesperson for the brand, Founders position themselves with a powerful strategy for improving brand growth and online presence. By sharing our own Founder's personal journey, collaborating with brands, and engaging in press features, we've successfully gained a solid connection with our audience. While there are challenges in deciding how much of your personal life to share, finding the right balance between professionalism and relatability can lead to remarkable brand growth and increase trust from your audience. So, don't hesitate to put yourself out there and let your audience connect with the amazing person behind your brand. You'll be amazed at the positive results! 

Ready to take the leap, but need help strategizing on content ideas for your new social strategy? Reach out to use at https://www.ouuilove.com/pages/work-with-us to get started!

Post Date: 7/19/23